Blackstar Acoustic Core 30 2 x 15 Watt Stereo Acoustic Amp


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Blackstar's Acoustic:Core 30 is a versatile acoustic amplifier that brings out the natural, organic sound of your instrument via two 5" 15W speakers.
With separate instrument and microphone channels, built-in effects, and USB recording ability, the Acoustic:Core 30 sets a new standard in the world of acoustic amplifiers.
You'll love the EQ options in this amp, with Low and High knobs, plus a Shape select switch that lets you choose between flat response or a mid-cut, with highs and lows boosted.
You can also reduce feedback if necessary via the amp's Phase switch.
You can also use the Acoustic:Core 30 as a monitor, with a built-in tilt-back stand, and the ability to mount on a standard 35mm PA stand with the optional SA-2 adapter. Whether you're on stage, at home, or in the studio, the Blackstar Acoustic:Core 30 has a wide variety of applications, whether you're using it as an amp, monitor, or recording interface via USB.


-2x15 Watts
-Shape select switch
-Bass and Treble controls
-Built-in Chorus, Delay and Reverb Super Wide Stereo effects
-2 x 5" speakers deliver natural acoustic tones
-Headphone Line Out for practice or live use
-USB audio output for easy direct recording
-MP3/Line In for jamming and listening to music
-Phase switch for feedback suppression
-Built-in tilt-back stand
-Mount on a standard 35mm P.A. stand with the
-optional SA-2 adaptor

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