Blackstar Studio 10 EL34 Tube 1x12 combo w Custom Color Upgrade Western Cabinet


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Okay! Here's the coolest Studio 10 in the world!

This started its life as a regular new Studio 10 EL34 that came in a shipment of several amps in our blackstar order, but upon opening it after a while we discovered the cabinet was crushed!

Blackstar was unwilling to help us because we discovered the damage more than a month after receiving it, so we had the guys at Deluxe Amplification build us a new cabinet! Unlike the blackstar cabinets (that are made with compressed cardboard or whatever) this one is made from Solid birch plywood just like vintage Marshall and Fender amps! The tolex is a tooled western style that looks incredible!

The amp looks amazing in its new home, and will be far better served than in its original shell.

This is your chance to get that great Blackstar tone, in a pro quality enclosure, and actually pay LESS than what this amp wouldve sold for!

The pedal, etc are all included as new, even the little slip card on the top is still there

We ship SAME DAY so you get your stuff fast

Hope you snag it!

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