Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer


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Explore new dimensions of sound with any guitar! With the BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer, you don't need any special pickups or equipment, just plug your guitar in and explore the next frontier of guitar tone!

  • Works with any guitar.
  • Expressive polyphonic synth tones.
  • Latency-free.
  • Three simultaneous synth sections and four effects processors enable rich, dynamic, and diverse sound creation.
  • Shape your normal guitar tone with synth filters, amplifiers, and LFOs to create all-new sounds.
  • Graphic LCD display, three assignable footswitches, and dedicated on/off footswitch.
  • 70 ready-to-play preset patches and 99 user patches for storing custom sounds.
  • Create and archive sounds on your computer with the BOSS Tone Studio editor/librarian and download new sounds at BOSS Tone Central.
  • Works with bass and other electronic instruments.
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