ESP LTD Kirk Hammett White Zombie Signature (Small Flaw) Tombstone Case & EMG Pickups

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Here is a recent ESP/LTD Kirk Hammett Signature model in the 'White Zombie' graphics

This guitar was purchased new, but had a small flaw in that there is a small crack near the volume knob (pictured).  This is difficult to see until you get right up on it, but is there nonetheless.  It doesnt affect the performance of the guitar at all. 

The rest of the guitar is MINT and practically unplayed condition, so you get to score a sweet discount on this guy because of this flaw.

The tombstone case, and case contents are all included and pictured as well.

This is a sweet playing and sounding signature model, that really turns heads!

We ship SAME DAY so you get your stuff FAST

Hope you snag it!