Fender 50s Reissue Stratocaster 1990s Foto Flame Sunburst


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Here is a very cool guitar, that has a very common 'fender' problem.....

This is a Made in Japan 50s Stratocaster reissue that was made in the 90s. This was a limited edition in the 'foto flame' finish. They essentially printed the design of 'flamed maple' on a layer of polyurethane finish all over the guitar. Its very common for modern Fender instruments to have finish cracks, usually starting in the neck pocket, and in many cases, the finish will start to peel off in sections.

This one has severe finish cracks everywhere on the body, and the finish is 'peeling up' in many places.

Underneath the body is just likely natural alder, but peeling the finish up, and then doing something with that would be a project for a DIY person for sure

The neck feels incredible! It has the soft 50s V shape, and the natural patina of age, fretboard wear, it looks so cool. We did a shop setup and string change and it plays and sounds incredible....but the finish peeling and cracking is why its priced at 50% of what these sell for in better shape

We are including a deluxe used hardshell case at no additional cost

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I hope you snag it