Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior 06


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Here is a cool 2006 Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior that was the primary touring guitar of Nathan Barlowe from the Band 'Luna Halo'

This guitar was used and featured in their music video for the single 'Untouchable' 

While on tour the band suffered a bus accident where this Les Paul got a headstock crack and was sent back to Gibson for repair.  They provided him with a different guitar and this one ended up with the director of Artist relations after it was fixed, which is how we got it.  

The guitar is in generally great shape, showing honest evidence of use.  The case is the iconic leopard interior case, and its also in generally good shape

This guitar sounds and plays killer, and you can see why they chose it to tour with!  It is a rock machine!

We gave it a quickie setup and a fresh string change and its ready for its next tour.  Check out the photos, as well as the music video where this guitar was featured

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