Harmony P Jazz Style Bass Guitar Vintage 80s Metallic tangerine Block inlay

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Here is a vintage Harmony Bass guitar likely from the mid 1980s

Ot has a really cool vibe, and actually a pretty good sound overall.

It features block inlays like the old 70s jazz basses.

We installed a fresh set of Ernie ball light gauge strings and changed out one pot and a new output jack and its plays and sounds fine.

We have the action at a low playable level, but if you want the strings laying on the fretboard, you may need to do some fret dressing, and there are a couple areas where the frets are a bit high.

That being said we have it priced nice n low, and it pays fine and sounds great the way it is setup currently

We ship same day so you get your stuff fast.  No case is included, but we pack well for shipment

Hope you snag it!