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Ibanez AUP10N Tenor Ukulele 6-String

Ibanez AUP10N Tenor Ukulele 6-String

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We just got in a new model of ukulele from Ibanez a 6-string nylon ukulele!

Pick up the Ibanez AUP10N and let your music take flight!

Whether gently fingerpicking some slack key down by the shores or passionately strumming classic uke favorites with your group, the AUP10N delivers. Its crisp, balanced voice blends beautifully with other instruments, cutting through without overpowering.

Take your talent to the next level with this professional yet affordable ukulele. The Ibanez quality shines through, promising years of fruitful musical enjoyment. Join the family of satisfied players savoring those sweet overtones unique to the AUP10N. Let your expressive, island-style compositions come alive! A hui hou kākou!

Features:- Okoume Neck
The Okoume neck provides greater playing comfort.
- Purpleheart fretboard
The Purpleheart fretboard emphasizes the beauty and the rich tonal character of this bass.
- Spruce top
Spruce remains the most popular wood for acoustic guitar tops, mainly due to its pristine tonal clarity.
- Solid Paulownia back and sides
- Purpleheart bridge
The Purpleheart bridge transfers string vibration directly to the body, delivering a natural and warm tone.
- Gig bag included
It comes with Ibanez gig bag which is designed specifically to fit and protect this instrument.
- Stereo Sound Port System
- Double Hole Bridge
- Elevated Comfort Armrest
- Beveled Cutaway
- Edgeless Comfort Heel

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Hope you snag this one up from us!!

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