Ibanez FRM300 Paul Gilbert Signature Fireman Electric Purple


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Paul Gilbert is not only an extraordinary musician, but a creative tinkerer as well. Always looking to build a better mousetrap... or at least a more versatile one, Paul endlessly searches for ways to improve his instrument as a vehicle for his musical ideas. The FRM represents the latest version of his iconic axe.
- The 3pc Okoume/Maple Neck provides great stability.

- The ebony fretboard produces tight lows and mid range with a strong attack in the high end and features a quick response and rich sustain.

- Tall frets offers a quick response and effortless articulation when playing chords and clear tone when playing single notes.

- The Okoume body provides a bright and solid sound.

- DiMarzio PG-13 H-S-H pickups, specially wound for Paul Gilbert, offer extra clarity without losing the bite. These mini humbuckers have unique characteristics of both normal humbuckers and single coils.

- The Gibraltar Performer bridge provides rich sustain and tuning stability. The low-positioned saddles promise comfortable playability.

- The Quik Change III tailpiece enables faster and easier string changing.

This one is in near perfect shape, showing only the slightest evidence of previous use.

We installed a fresh set of strings and did a quickie setup and she is ready to gig!

We ship same day so you get your gear fast!

Hope you snag this one up from us!!

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