Ibanez RGAR42MFMT Blue Lagoon Burst Flat


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Just got in this sweet RG Series Ibanez in a Blue Lagoon Burst.

Ibanez with the RG series is like butter and toast they get in right every time with every model. The RGAR42MFMT is a killer Floyd Rose model that they came out with and this one screams. With the added bonus of the Floyd Rose you can get your screeching pinch harmonics and EVH type dive bombs. With the legendary the, Wizard III neck your playing is going to feel lightning fast and with comfort that is next level.

To point out some of the obvious issues there is some wear and usage on the back of the guitar around the edges as pictured and around the scratch plate, but other than those issues this guitar is a mean machine.

We give everything a shop setup and new strings so this one is ready for its next home.

We ship same day so you get your gear fast! Hope you sang this one up from us!!