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Marshall Origin 20-Watt Tube Head

Marshall Origin 20-Watt Tube Head

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An affordable Rock classic with modern enhancements

With the Origin 20H, Marshall has gone back to what it does best – and has put it all into a budget-friendly package. This puristic 20-watt single-channel amp is fitted with two EL34 power tubes and delivers a sound reminiscent of the legendary JTM45 and JMP Super Lead 1987 amplifiers whilst offering contemporary features such as a master volume control, a gain boost function, effects loop, and 2-way foot switch.

For musicians, not collectors

Rare vintage models or even current reissues of Marshall classics, which are often hand-wired, seldom fall within the budget range of most beginners or up-and-coming players. Thankfully, the Origin series now delivers that classic Plexi sound at a much more affordable price. The Origin 20H head caters to guitarists who appreciate British Rock sounds and the purist single-channel concept. With its potent EL34 power stage and compact, lightweight design, this amp head is ideally suited to use in the rehearsal room and on stage, but can also be used in the living room by lowering the output power to as little as 0.5 watts.

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