MC Systems BWI Dynamic Fuzz

MC Systems BWI Dynamic Fuzz

MC Systems

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Just got these guys in!  MC Systems is making some hip and innovative new effects.  These are designed and engineered in Australia by Warren McAllister (hence the name MC) and named after famous airports around the world.  They are ruggedly built and have a cool pressure sensitive switch (V switch) that lets you have a alternate gain setting.  Ive never seen this feature before, and it would be helpful.

The Dynamic Fuzz is a fun pedal for any rocker that can transcend several styles.   Their Words:

BWI Fuzz provides classic, all transistor fuzz circuitry.

Two output boost levels are available via the alternate foot switch. Our innovative V SWITCH true bypass system gives fast access to dual fuzz levels. A final tone control stage completes the fuzz path. Analog all the way

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