NuX NSS-3 Mini Studio Guitar & Bass Cabinet Simulator & IR Pedal

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Attention Pedalboard users!  Here is a product that finally solves a bunch of problems in one compact pedal

The NSS-3 Mini Studio is a Amplifier Cabinet Simulator.  In essence, you plug your pedalboard right into this, and the output goes right to your favorite Interface or DI Box and it sounds like you are playing through a guitar amp.

It has several of the most popular guitar cabinet sims built in, and if you hold the switch down for two seconds it gives you a handful of the most popular bass cabinet sims!

Also included are acoustic guitar IR sims for an impressive Acoustic tone as well.

This can also function as a way to play your pedalboard through headphones, as there is a headphone out on the side

Killer idea, software support and an unbeatable price

We ship SAME DAY so you get your stuff FAST

Hope you snag one!