Right On! Straps Graham White Jazz Handmade Guitar Strap

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Handmade with high quality bovine leather, the Graham strap was specially made for Graham Foster but is finally available for the rest of us.

  • Super wide at 7cm (2.75")--perfect for basses and heavy guitars.
  • Adjustable length of 95cm to 150cm (37.4" to 59") using the RAS adjustment system.
  • High quality bovine leather surface and end tabs--super strong and durable.
  • Padding is 5mm high-density latex; it won't absorb sweat and is covered by two layers of soft lycra.
  • Microfiber lining wicks sweat away to dissipate, leaving you and the strap dry.
  • Keep up with picks in the interior pick pocket.
  • Quick access pick holders at the back of the strap.
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