Roland Go:LiveCast Live Streaming Studio for Smartphones

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Although it’s easy to stream live content with your smartphone, but making your broadcasts look professional takes more effort. That’s why you need GO:LIVECAST, the simple and affordable way to bring superior production values to your webcasting. This hardware/app combo is a fully featured streaming studio that lets you mix sound, display titles, play media, trigger sound effects, and more—without needing a computer or costly dedicated A/V gear. With just the GO:LIVECAST hardware, companion app, and your smartphone, you have all the tools you need to present engaging live web shows that will rival the most advanced creators on social media.

• A complete pro-production studio for webcasting with a smartphone or tablet

• Compatible with Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube, and other major streaming platforms

• Integrated system combining a compact desktop hardware interface with an interactive app

• Control smartphone cameras connect professional mics, trigger media, and adjust levels as you stream with intuitive, hands-on controls      

• Large, customizable media libraries for onscreen titles, music, videos, photos, and sound effects  

• Three microphone input options for great vocal sound: Onboard microphone with reverb effect, XLR input with phantom power and combo jack plus ability to use the microphone on your headphones• Headphone jack for sound monitoring

• Line input for connecting a musical instrument, mixer, or other external audio device

• Check viewer comments directly in the app while streaming

• Add a second smartphone camera via wi-fi and switch camera views with the hardware or app

• Skin filter, in-camera mirroring, automatic portrait/landscape switching, and more

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