Shure MV7 Professional Microphone


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Its that time for all NEW Shure Microphones! This one is an absolute beast, the MV7 Podcast Microphone!

Deliver your voice with warmth and clarity, and enjoy that profrssional 'radio' sound you've always wanted. Connect directly to your laptop via USB or use the XLR output with professional audio equipment.

Voice Isolation Technology
Seperates your voice from unwanted background noise. Record uninterrupted audio, every time.

Auto Level Mode
Reduce your editing time and let the microphone mix your level in real time.

USB & XLR Connectivity
Compatible with Mac and Windows laptops / desktops, audio interfaces, mixers and select Apple and Android mobile devices. USB-A and USB-C cables included

Customize within the ShurePlus MOTIV app on desktop or mobile
  • Choose Auto Level Mode or customize yourself
  • Select Dark, Natural or Bright sound signature
  • Choose Mic Position setting to optimize your sound
Download the FREE ShurePlus MOTIV app
Available to download on desktop or mobile from, Google Play and the App Store

Comes with the MV7 Microphone and a 10-foot Micro-B to USB-A
as well as the 10-foot Micro-B to USB-C cable

This is a killer microphone that meets all the demands that you will ever need.

We ship same day so you get your gear fast!!

Hope you pick one of these up for all your recording or entertainment needs!!