Shure MV7X Podcast Microphone


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Your First Step into Great Sound Upgrade to professional-quality audio from the outset and give your listeners an experience to return for. Welcome to the brand synonymous with recorded, performed and streamed vocals!
Hear your voice, not your room

If you’re switching from a condenser to the MV7X, prepare to be amazed. In untreated bedroom studios, a condenser will pick up everything from your AC running to the neighbor mowing their lawn next door. But with Shure’s Voice Isolation Technology, dealing with unwanted noise is a thing of the past. This fully passive system uses precision airflow and a tuned cartridge to emphasize vocal clarity and exclude the sound of your room and harsh reverb. And for the user, that means that every room can sound like a pro-level vocal booth.

Shure MV7X Dynamic Broadcast Microphone Features:
  • Dynamic microphone for podcasting and content creation
  • Tuned capsule captures your voice in stunning clarity
  • Voice Isolation Technology focusses on your voice and nothing else
  • High SPL handling tackles loud sources with ease
  • All-metal design makes this microphone tough enough for serious field use
  • Integrated yoke for easy positioning
  • Includes Euro thread adapter
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