Silvertone 955/BK Dreadnought Gloss Black

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Before the birth of Silvertone electrics, the original Silvertone acoustic guitars graced the American landscape from the '40s through the '70s. The unplugged beauty and raw acoustic sound of Silvertone acoustics was heard around campfires, inside living rooms, and around college campuses nationwide.

Less known to many, Silvertone acoustic guitars can be heard on some of the most historically significant recordings in Rock 'n' Roll history. Like the Silvertone Classic electric series, the reissue Silvertone acoustics feature the same look and vibe of the originals, with 21st Century build quality. Silvertone kept the old 'mojo' while making the guitars appealing to modern players. From higher quality tonewoods, to replacing steel rods with truss rods, they've respectfully revamped these guitars from the ground-up.
On the beach or on the stage, Silvertone acoustics are back for a new generation! Originally manufactured for the Canadian market under the model 26955, this rare gem was resurrected from the Silvertone archives to balance out the acoustic family by including a more traditional Dreadnought body style. The 955 features a solid Engelmann Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides. Silvertone refined the herringbone binding and sound hole rosette, and opted to keep the original block inlay.

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