Sterling By Music Man Stingray Ray5 Sub-Series Black 5-String

Music Man

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Part of their SUB series, the StingRay Ray5 Maple Fingerboard 5-string electric bass bass is the cousin of the Music Man StingRay 5 bass. Classic, iconic instruments that defined a generation of bassists since the late 70′s. Active electronics, low-noise humbucking pickups, rock-solid hardware and a simple, uncluttered look that is instantly recognizable and respected.

Classic, attractive body lines: Its signature teardrop pickguard, classic control layout, and a myriad of great finishes let you choose just how you want to stand out on stage.

Affordable yet amazing: Featuring a 9v powered Active Preamp and individual Volume Hi and Low Cut/Boost controls, Ray5 is a superior choice and incredible value for players of any experience level.

Fully adjustable, heavy-duty bridge: Complete control over intonation and individual string height ensures the most comfortable playing experience whether your practicing at home or rocking out on stage.

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