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Vintage Vintage Reissued Series V6 Sunburst S Style Guitar

Vintage Vintage Reissued Series V6 Sunburst S Style Guitar

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The Vintage ReIssued Series V6MSSB combines the very best of time-served aesthetics and forward-thinking design ingenuity.

A trio of Wilkinson WVS Alnico V pickups give the guitar the perfect balance between scorching highs, rich mids and plummy low end, just what you'd expect from a guitar of this nature. The Wilkinson vibrato bridge, meanwhile, features an innovative stagger-drilled block which radically improves the guitar's intonation, whilst maintaining incredible return-to-pitch accuracy.

Whether you're searching for your first guitar or your last, every member of the Vintage ReIssued Series is a keeper. Play on.

We ship same day so you get your gear fast! We do a shop setup on every single instrument that leaves are hands insuring that you get the strings, action, and anything else you were needing before getting your new axe!

Hope you snag this one up from us!!

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