Way Huge Supa Puss WHE707 Analog Delay

Way Huge

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The Way Huge Supa-Puss Analog Delay was designed by the delay master himself, Jeorge Tripps. This is his exploration in the far reaches of true analog delay potential.

  • Six bucket-brigade chips deliver up to 900 ms of delay time.
  • Tap Tempo switch allows you to program in real time up to three full seconds of delay time for ethereal ambiance.
  • Subdivision control sets how your repeats are subdivided.
  • Chase mode allows you to set the repeats to cycle through each of the Subdivision values.
  • Standard Delay and Feedback controls.
  • Tone shapes the color of the delay.
  • Gain adds some nice grit.
  • Speed and Depth controls the liquid texture granted by the LFO modulation circuit.
  • Mix control sets your desired blend of Wet/Dry.
  • Expression pedal input for direct control of delay time.
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