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Cole Clark

Cole Clark Angel Style 2 "Deluxe" Tasmanian Blackwood

Cole Clark Angel Style 2 "Deluxe" Tasmanian Blackwood

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We just got in a shipment of the ever so cool and lush sounding guitars from Cole Clark. This one is their OM Orchestra style the "Angel" in style 2. We are adding the word Deluxe in because the guitar has a couple of more ornate looks and woods.

The Cole Clark brand is based out of Melbourne Australia! All of the woods are locally harvested from Australia as well! This guitar is crafted together with Blackwood for the top sides and back, with a Queensland maple neck and an upgraded fretboard to Satin Box wood. This one has a gorgeous top with a stripe straight down the middle, and a mosaic rosette around the sound hole that doesn't come standard. Plus a rare 2-piece back that looks incredible. 

The Cole Clark brand is known for their creativity with wood choices and their incredible PG3 pickup system. The PG3 has 3 different mics to help contour and create the sound that you love the best. With your under saddle piezo, Microphone , and face sensor. All 3 of these combined with the preamp controls on top, volume, blend, and FC (filter control). Its no wonder with musicians like Jack Johnson, Snow Patrol, Ben Harper, and many others chose Cole Clark to use as their go-to instrument. 

We ship same day so you get your gear fast! 

Hope you snag this one up from us!!

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