Deluxe Amplification Custom Rauland PA Guitar Tube Amp Head Conversion


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Chris at Deluxe Amplification in Dayton Tennessee is a Mad Scientist of sorts with his creative designs and quality amp builds

He found this antique Tube PA Head originally Branded 'Rauland' and converted it into one unique and rockin head!

Its roughly 15 watts of 6V6 driven power with a couple 12ax7 preamp tubes. The controls are very simple....Volume and Tone! Just crank that amp up through a good cabinet and it delivers some incredible gain tones with that wonderful syrupy gain sag, and 'double tones' that are to live for!

The amp casing is in 'found' condition, meaning the patina and so on is all honest age, but the work inside is fresh and ready to enjoy!

This is a killer handmade Bespoke amp build that will get you noticed not just by the tone but also by the look!

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Hope you snag it!

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