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Dunlop Echoplex EP103 Delay

Dunlop Echoplex EP103 Delay

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The EP103 Echoplex Delay puts the famous Echoplex tape delay sound on your pedalboard, and it's not the size of a VCR! It's much smaller.

  • 40 - 750ms of delay sweepable with the Delay control.
  • Add a Tap switch for tap tempo and up to 4 seconds of delay time.
  • All analog dry sound is untouched, with a choice of true relay or trails bypass.
A cool part of this pedal is Age mode. By default, the pedal functions and perfect, brand new tape echo, bright and clear with subtle tape wow factor and flutter modulation. By pressing the Volume knob, you are able to sweep up the "age" of the unit, resulting in darker tone, more tape saturation, and increasing tape distress and modulation.

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