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ESP LTD Viper 401 FM Flame Maple SG Trans Black

ESP LTD Viper 401 FM Flame Maple SG Trans Black

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Here is a recent ESP/LTD Viper 401 Flame Maple edition!

The figured maple on this specimen is amazing! Thick and wide flames on this top really pop especially when the lights hit!

Yeah, it shows evidence of play wear, the screws on the trim rings show some oxidation, but we buffed most of the strum scratches out, and it looks good

The EMG pickups sound great

we did a quickie shop setup and a fresh string change and she is ready to gig!

We are including a factory ESP hardshell case that is for fit inside for the viper body, but I will say that there looks to be extra length to this case, so although the guitar fits securely in it, its possible this case was originally for a bass or baritone version of the viper. Hey, its a bonus item! So if you dont like it, donate it to your local goodwill or whatever LOL

We ship SAME DAY so you get your stuff FAST

Hope you snag it!

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