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Line 6

Line 6 PowerCab 112 Plus Speaker System 250 Watts 1x12"

Line 6 PowerCab 112 Plus Speaker System 250 Watts 1x12"

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The Line 6 Powercab 112 Plus is a 1x12 active speaker system that delivers an authentic "amp-in-the-room" playing experience when paired with any modeler. When set to Flat mode, you simply plug your modeler in and play; Powercab 112 Plus amplifies the sound of your presets as they are, much like a standard "FRFR" speaker system -- but with the response and feel of an actual guitar amplifier.

In addition to sounding and responding like a true guitar cab, the Powercab 112 Plus guitar speaker system also looks like one. Sturdily constructed of plywood, with a unique curved back that adds rigidity and decreases weight, Powercab 112 Plus weighs a gig-friendly 36 pounds (16 kgs). And a flip-out kickstand allows it to be angled toward the performer, whether used in the backline or as a frontline monitor.

Features:- 1x12 active speaker system for use with amp modelers
- Choice of flat response or six classic guitar speaker models
- 250-watt amplifier delivers up to 125dB Peak SPL
- 12" custom hybrid coaxial driver
- 70 Hz - 20 kHz neutral frequency response in Flat mode
- Curved plywood construction results in a cabinet that is solid yet lightweight
- 128 presets can be configured as any Mode (Flat, Speaker Modeling, IR)
- MIDI In/Out, AES/EBU digital I/O, and USB audio interface
- L6 LINK digital connector
- Loads up to 128 third-party impulse responses (IRs)

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