MXR M279 Deep Phase Phaser Effects Pedal


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Classic MXR Phaser Tones with Extra Tweakability

Whether you're chasing psychedelic Gilmour-ish textures, distorted EVH-style swooshes, or novel experimental soundscapes, the MXR Deep Phase is happy to oblige. This guitar effects pedal delivers the pronounced swirling, scooped mids, and vocal-like response of a 1970s-era phaser stompbox. 

With its ability to animatedly adapt to your playing intensity, it's dynamic as all get out. And unlike vintage units, there's no volume drop when you engage this effect. You dial in the Deep Phase with intuitive Speed and FDBK knobs; a Mode II switch toggles between a classic 4-stage mode and an ultra-animated 8-stage mode. Finally, the Deep Phase boasts a super-durable — and pedalboard-friendly — MXR mini housing.

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