NuX NAP-5 Stageman Floor Deluxe Acoustic Preamp DI Box w Looper Reverb & Chorus


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The Stageman Floor by NuX is a new 'must have' product for the modern Acoustic artist.

First off, this is an Active DI box, so you can cleanly plug right into a powered speaker or PA system with no problem.

Secondly, it provides Reverb and Chorus effects to your acoustic tone as well as a full featured acoustic preamp to boost and sculpt your tone.

It also has an onboard looper so you can record a loop, and then play along with it live.

This also has both an aux in, for playing along with an outside source (like backing tracks or a drum machine) and a Headphone out (for silent practice) 

All this for an absolutely unbeatable price!  

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