Rockboard Pedalboard Quickmount Type F Pedal Mounting Plate for Tube Screamer


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The RockBoard QuickMount System was designed to do away with sticky hook and loop tape that attracts dust and dirt and is a hassle to remove from your pedals.

It fits perfectly in the RockBoard Slot Grid on our pedalboards and allows instant secure mounting of your pedals.

The QuickMount plates are designed to screw onto the back of your pedals, using the original screws (or supplied replacement screws) and to be easily removable without any residue.

Most RockBoard QuickMount Pedal Mounting Plates will fit a variety of different pedals.

Don't fret if your pedal has different screw holes for the bottom plate.

All RockBoard QuickMount Pedal Mounting Plates with a flat surface include a reusable adhesive silicone pad that sticks to any smooth surface without leaving any residue.

Fits standard size Ibanez tube Screamer and Maxon Nine series effects pedals.

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