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Rockboard RBO POW BLO ISO 6+ Power Block

Rockboard RBO POW BLO ISO 6+ Power Block

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The ISO Power Blocks 6, 6+, 10 and 16 are multi-power supplies for effect pedals and provide up to 16 electrically isolated, highly filtered power connections and a 5V USB connection. The multi-power supply is designed to provide noiseless power to up to 16 effects pedals simultaneously, even with different operating voltages.

The advanced filtering technology of the power slots effectively eliminates high-frequency noise. Separate short-circuit protection for each power slot protects the connected effects pedals from damage in the event of a short circuit. Separate LEDs indicate short circuits for each slot separately. Should a short circuit occur, only the affected power slot is switched off, leaving the rest of the effects rig operational.

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