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Roland V-02HD MKII Streaming Video Mixer

Roland V-02HD MKII Streaming Video Mixer

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Streamline your streaming workload with the Roland V-02HD MKII Streaming Video Switcher. From multi-format video switching, scaling, video effects, and more, the V-02HD MKII provides smart solutions for any video shoot.

This compact switcher fits easily in your equipment bag and eliminates the need for several separate pieces of gear. The V-02HD MKII makes two-camera shoots easy for one operator, letting you take two HDMI sources and feed them to your recorder. Then you can easily send the feed to your favorite streaming platform over USB-C.

Along with two channels of video feed, the V-02HD MKII also brings you 10 channels for audio mixing. Enjoy stress-free set-up whenever you plug this video switcher in because with Roland’s advanced tech, everything just works – no more crashes or driver conflicts.

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