Suzuki KS65 Japan Lawsuit Era Dove Dreadnought Acoustic Vintage 70s Cherry Sunburst


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Here is a vintage 70s 'Kiso Suzuki' KS65

This is (obviously) a copy of a Gibson Dove that was made in Japan in the 1970s during a time we generally call the 'lawsuit' era.

The guitar is mahogany back and sides with a laminate spruce top.

It has nice low action, and plays well

We gave is a quickie shop setup, and restring and she is ready to enjoy

There are some honest evidence of play wear, but no damage or abuse evident.

This is a nearly 50 year old guitar, so it will show and perform like one.

It has a new Bone nut installed and new saddle as well

We are including a used hardcase as a bonus item

We ship same day so you get your stuff FAST

Hope you snag it!

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