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Tagima T-920 Black Gloss Brazil Series Hollowbody Tele

Tagima T-920 Black Gloss Brazil Series Hollowbody Tele

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Here is a RARE find in the USA!

We have been a Tagima Guitars dealer for quite a while now, but this is the first pre-owned Brazil made model to come in

This one has a fully hollow/chambered Tele style body with the F hole, the body is made from Brazilian Cedar and it weighs practically nothing!  Its insane how light it is.

The neck is another Rainforest Wood called PauMarfim which looks and responds the same as Maple.  Dual action truss rod, perfect fretwork, and the Alnico hand wound Tagima pickups sound really good. 

The guitar shows no wear that we can see, outside of our handling it and wiping fingerprints off the gloss black finish, it doesnt look to ever have been gigged.

The Included hardshell case is also in clean shape.

Here are some specs from Tagimas site:

BODY MATERIAL: Semi-hollow Brazilian Cedar Wood 

NECK MATERIAL: Pau-Marfim wood with double action truss rod

FINGERBOARD: Pau­Marfim wood with 22-frets

TOP: Brazilian Cedar Wood


PICKUPS: 1 Tagima T Alnico blue lipstick and 1 Tagima T Alnico blue bridge

CONTROLS: 1 3-way switch, 1 volume and 1 tone

BRIDGE: Tele traditional chrome

MACHINE HEADS: Vintage chrome

This guitar sells new for $1599, this one is much less.

We ship SAME DAY so you get your stuff FAST

Hope you snag it!

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