Warwick Gnome I Pro 300 Watt Digital Pocket Amp + USB Interface


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Introducing the Warwick Gnome amplifier -- clear, defined bass sound, true power and a built-in USB audio interface on the Gnome-i and Gnome-i Pro models -- all packed in a super compact, lightweight design that will easily fit in your pocket! The Gnome amp heads were developed to offer transparent, crisp and noise-free performance combined with an ultra-portable, lightweight design in an affordable and reliable amp for discerning musicians and for the seasoned professionals.

The Warwick Gnome-i and Gnome-i Pro offer an easy-to-use audio interface without any special driver or software requirements. The USB audio interface allows you to connect your Gnome amp to a PC, MAC or compatible mobile device to record your playing or to process your signal using digital audio software plug-ins.

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